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You are looking for a machine or production plant for the production of pasta, confectionery or chewing gum?  
Then you have come to the right place!

We have years of experience and a lot of satisfied customers speak
for themselves.  
We offer a large variety of machines and production facilities,
dough sheeters / Round and Langwirkmaschinen
for artisanal baking operation!


Extruded pasta

PQ 3-SU, PQ 6-SU, PQ 6-SUV, PQ 12 SU,
PQ 12-SUV, PQ 100-SUV

Rolled pasta

Rolling mill, Two-roll mill, Three-roll mill,
GR 1A, GR 2A

Dough band former

Tempo 2, Tempo S2

Drying systems

Pasta drying unit 120,
Trocknungssystem 420,
Trocknungssystem 820,
Bandvortrockner 5003/5005

Dough sheeter

Juwel 14 K/L, Juwel 15 K/L, Juwel 18 L,
Juwel 5005 M/K, Juwel 16 CW,
Juwel 16 CWV

Convectionery machinery

Extruder KM2, Cooling tunnel